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Greek Salad

Tomato, onion, cucumber, green pepper, capers, feta cheese, olive oil, olives, oregano

7,50 €

Sheppard’s Salad

Spinach, baby rocket, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, dill, soft goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

9 €

Beetroot salad

Marinated beets, garlic flavored yogurt sauce, grated walnuts, grated carrots, egg, sour apple and mint vinaigrette

9,50 €

Gluten free


Garlic bread

Crispy slices of sourdough bread with garlic butter (3pcs)

4 €


Tzatziki with fresh avocado

Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and avocado

6 €

Spicy cheese spread

Feta cheese, soft cheese, chilli pepper

5 €


Grilled Hallumi cheese

With tomato chutney

8 €

Gluten free

Pie of the day

Spinach cheese pie – leek pie (vegan)

7 €

Veal liver

Caramelized young veal liver, oven baked giant beans hummus puree, mushrooms, balsamic cream

10 €

Gluten free

Buyurdi in clay pot ( oven baked feta cheese)

Feta cheese, green pepper, tomato, spring onion, chili flakes

8 €

Gluten free

Zucchini croquettes

Feta cheese, herbs and yogurt sauce with fresh mint

8,00 €


Shrimps in clay pot

Slightly spicy home-made tomato sauce with Florina red peppers, feta cheese and ouzo

18 €

Gluten free

Land and Sea

Marinated anchovy fillets, Greek giant beans hummus, chopped parsley and aromatic pink peppercorn oil

9,00 €

Gluten free



With minced beef and fluffy béchamel cream with P.D.O San Michali Syros gruyere

14,00 €

Veal in clay pot

Fresh tomato sauce, orzo. Served with grated Mitzithra cheese

14,00 €

Yogurt Kebab

Traditional kebabs on yogurt sauce and homemade tomato sauce, served with crispy pitas

11 €

Grilled pork pancetta

Served with mustard sauce and baked baby potatoes with aromatic mountain herbs

9,50 €


Juicy beef burger, bacon, seminario sauce, brioche ban, cheddar, lettuce. Comes with coleslaw

13,00 €

Blue cheese burger

Juicy beef burger, sautéed mushrooms, brioche bun, blue cheese sauce, caramelized onions. Served with coleslaw

15 €

Chicken Schnitzel

Served with chicken sauce, oven baked baby potatoes with aromatic mountain herbs

9,50 €

Pork gyros

Pork gyros on crispy pita, fresh tomato sauce, chopped parsley with onion and handmade avocado tzatziki

12 €

Grilled young veal chop

Grilled young veal chop

23 €

Grilled pork tenderloin

Served with oven baked baby potatoes and seasonal salad

14,50 €

Grilled squid

Served with oven baked baby potatoes and seasonal salad

18 €

Grilled King prawns

Served with cabbage salad with sweet chilli

19,00 €

Gluten free

Catch of the day

Ask us about fresh fish and seafood of the day

0 €


Green Pasta

“Skioufichta” (homemade Cretan pasta)with basil pesto, walnut and vegan parmesan

13,00 €


Mediterranean pasta

Linguini, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, colored peppers, mushrooms and soft goat cheese (or white vegan cheese)

Vegan feta cheese

14 €


Greek Carbonara

Traditional Cretan pasta, Lefkada salami, sour cream, egg yolk,Cretan gruyere, fresh mushrooms, thyme and pink peppercorns

16 €

★ Shrimp pasta saganaki

Linguini, King prawns, home-made tomato sauce with Florina red peppers, feta cheese and ouzo

18 €

★ Black tagliatelle with smoked salmon

Tagliatelle with cuttlefish ink, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, garlic aroma, spring onion, dill, white wine and coconut crème

18 €



With vanilla ice-cream and caramel syrup

8 €


With vanilla ice-cream and graded walnuts

8 €


With homemade forest fruit jam

8 €

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